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Over 200 years ago our fore-fathers helped fight a war. A war of tyranny from the government that sought to rule them in a manner in which they felt, based on Christianity, was against God’s will. Those rights, given by God, were simple. The right to speak, assemble, worship, and print are given to us in the 1st Amendment.

To go with this our fore-fathers wrote the 2nd Ame...ndment. That text ensures the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. The Supreme Court has interpreted this and stated that this Amendment was to make sure the people have the same general weapons as the military so THE PEOPLE could defend themselves against the tyranny of the Government. IT IS NOT to ensure the rights of hunters and IT IS NOT to honor a tradition of gun ownership in our country. It is simply giving the people the power and means by which they can defend themselves against their own country. Why would they do this? Did they know something we didn’t?

Our fore-fathers, were chosen to create a government for the people. They were given the power to create a government which, upon creation, gave the power back to the people. They created a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. A REPUBLIC is a government formed BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. They knew that since the inception of this government it would be difficult to maintain. Ben Franklin himself when asked what kind of government we have said, “We’ve given you a republic, if you can keep it.”

Why did they know that it would be hard to maintain? Simple. People in power want to keep power. After all, that’s what they were fighting against in the Revolutionary War. Since our government was created the people elected to it have done what they could to shift the power from the people to themselves. To make a democracy. A government where elected officials are in charge.

In the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence you get the feeling that our fore-fathers knew that at some point elected officials would try and turn this into a democracy. They very plainly wrote that it was the people’s RIGHT to alter or abolish it and to institute a new government to best effect our safety and happiness.

Do you doubt me? Then let me ask you these questions.

• Why does it take so much money to be elected for office? Its generally believed that money equals power.
• Why are the laws written to EXCLUDE our elected officials? If they were so great, wouldn’t they want to be a part of it?
• Why do elected officials get to determine who is in their voting district?
• Why don’t elected officials sign onto term limits when most of Americans want them?
• Why did elected officials give you social health care when the majority of Americans didn’t want it?
• When was the last time YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL actually come to town and ask you what you thought?
• When was the time an elected official actually released back to the public the letters that are written to him about an issue?
• When was the last time someone actually asked your opinion when it wasn’t election time?

The list goes on and on.

Now, I’m not advocating a rising up and overturning of the government. But I am advocating change. It’s very important for people to have a means by which to protect themselves, their family, their beliefs, their neighbors against other people and their government. We would never use those weapons against a person or government who didn’t want to do us harm, barring of course the mentally ill and criminals. Now ask yourself, why does the government want to disarm us so badly? Why is it so important? Why now?

Simple. A disarmed people is a compliant people. It makes it easier and safer for the GOVERNMENT to go from a republic (where you have the power) to a democracy (where you don’t). Have you noticed the heavy handed use to Executive Power lately? Have you noticed the "legal gearing up" of our Government to deal with Americans. Like the use to drones to kill Americans without arrest or court? Have you noticed the President's "friends" in the largest cities in America going full throttle with gun control in a direction that doesn't even merit laughter? New York, Chicago, Washington D.C.? Successful gun control there huh?

In the last week I have had the mixed pleasure to meet some WWII vets. Mixed because while I was honored to be in their presence I was dismayed because they had just passed away. They helped fight for our country in order for us to enjoy our rights and even to show others the power of a free people. Now, our own elected officials are lying to us, trying to convince us to be like the rest of the world. If other countries were so great, why are they not only telling us to keep our guns but still coming here to enjoy our freedoms?

My name is Steve Crozier. And I wrote and approve of this message.

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